What to Expect

Imagine a community and a place where....

  • people from different backgrounds, life situations, and generations connect to enjoy each other, learn from one another and to support and encourage each other through life's journey.
  • the ancient truth of God and his Word are taught and applied in practical and relevant ways for 21st century people.
  • people are making a difference in our community and world by serving others in significant hands-on ways.
  • children, youth, and parents from every background and situation are excited about church and are offered the resources, support, and training they need to be the family God intends them to be people who don’t like church are warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable.
  • people make new friends and are eager to invite friends and family members to experience the Resurrection community.
  • people gather for joyful worship, embracing the technology of the time without disregarding the good and helpful traditions of previous generations

Values at Resurreciton....

  • Acceptance – Where everyone or anyone is welcomed and accepted- no matter their situation, background or history.
  • Practical Service – Serves others in practical, hands-on ways so that lives are changed and transformed in our community, our region and the world Children and Families – That loves kids and their family – no matter their size or situation and provides resources and encouragement for real life.
  • The Word of God – We are deeply committed to grace-filled application of God’s Word to our lives and to the life of our community of faith.
  • Historic Christianity – We are committed to the historic faith of the Christian church and we understand that faith through the prism of historic Lutheranism (Justification by Grace through Faith; Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone, Christ Alone; A Sacramental Understanding of God’s Interaction with Us).